Terrace Waterproofing Solution

Outdoors are becoming a part of our lifestyle, and the roofs/terraces are an integral part of the modern design. While the design looks good, it becomes tough to maintain, as they exposed to the tough weather conditions and its severity.

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Rainfall and water accumulation increases the chances of leakages and damages to the internal structure.

Do you long for a waterproof terrace?

Switch to Choksey chemicals, one of the best terrace waterproofing solution that will cater to your leakage and other requirements. Our varied ranges of products can give your terrace maximum protection with high tensile strength.

Benefits of Choksey Terrace Waterproofing

Maximum protection offered to the terraces
High tensile strength achieved
Tear resistant bonds
Non-toxic in nature
Unaffected by the UV rays


Why terrace waterproofing is required in modern times?

The climatic conditions are pretty harsh and keep changing. This affects the outdoor spaces massively, especially the terraces in your house. Accumulated rainwater in small spaces seeps through the slab and causes cracks leading to leakage, during the rainy season. This can cause damage over a period of time. To avoid this damage, you should opt for appropriate terrace waterproofing solutions

How can one prevent leakage in the terraces?

When you are opting for the terrace waterproofing solutions, there are a few things you ought to consider, which will help prevent leakage

Check for the electric wires and cables
Install proper rainwater drain outlets
The staircase door should have a threshold
Fit in proper drain outlets along the surface

Whether you are planning new outdoor spaces or, renovating the old ones, call for Choksey Waterproofing experts waterproofing. For Best deals you can connect on 1800 220 474